The Gaspee Attack

The Gaspee scholars claim that their shot drew the first British blood
in the fight for freedom. “It was the single, unifying military event.”

Abraham Whipple, once a privateer, directed the rowers to approach the
Gaspee from the front, where it could not aim its guns.

I don’t think a raid led by a drunken ex-pirate qualifies as a "military
event." As far as it being a "unifying" event, is there any evidence of
follow up activity?

There is a program that has students re-enact Gaspee-era scenes.

Knowing that in this little village the first battle of the American Revolution
happened, I think the term "battle" overstates the action.

The attack infuriated King George, who issued a proclamation offering a
reward of 500 pounds for the conviction of any Gaspee raiders.

King George’s response is more in keeping with a criminal action than a battle. His response to the actions in Lexington and Concord where sober patriots took a deliberate stand against his army was to send more troops. I think Warwick just needed an excuse for a festival.