Highlights of Earl Participating in the Indiana Color Guard

I have been involved with the Indiana Society Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard (INSSAR Color Guard) since I was 50 years old. After I joined INSSAR,I found out about the newly re-started color guard and became active. No special training is required to be in the color guard; however, I took training to learn to fire a musket. The terminology "flash in a pan" came from the revolutionary musket. If you notice, the men in the revolutionary war were clean shaven. Despite that it was considered effeminate quality to have a beard or mustache during that period, it was also not safe when firing a musket. General George Washington required his men to shave three times a week to protect their face from burns when firing the musket. It was not until the Civil War that beards and mustaches became vogue. Beards and mustaches were safe because of the cap and ball rifle replaced the musket.

As part of the INSSAR Color Guard, I participated in parades in Indiana and several other states. I was not able to participate in the 2004 Super Bowl because of my duties as an elected City County Councillor. The Indiana Color Guard presented colors at the 2009 parade the day before the Kentucky Derby. The Sons of American Revolutional's national headquarte is in Louisville, so it only made sense that would be able to march in the parade. I have to include an interesting note that the Indiana Color Guard has not participated in the Indy 500 despite requests to do so.

I also wanted to hightlight that the popluarity of the color guard comes and goes. It was popular in 1876 , but then faded. It had a rebirth in in 1976, but faded again. The color guard came back with popularity because it drew media attention. At one point, many of the men left the color guard to do re-enactments which I did not understand because the color guard has less stringent rules as to where re-enactors have to be precise in the dress code all way down to the shoes. A good supplier for revolutionary customes is http://www.jastown.com/. I am detailed in my appearance when I do the first person charactor of Nathan