Catherine of Berain

Katheryn's first husband was Sir John Salusbury of the Salusbury Family of Wales. She bore him two sons

* Thomas Salisbury (c. 1564 - September 20, 1586). Executed as a traitor for his involvement in the Babington Plot.
* John Salusbury (d. 1612), married Ursula Stanley, illegitimate daughter of Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby and Jane Halsall. Their only son was Sir Henry Salusbury.

John Salusbury, a Welsh Knight

Salusbury was a member of the Salusbury family of Lleweni in the Vale of Clywd, where they owned a considerable estate, including Lleweni Hall. Various members of the family acquired honours and appointments through their support of the Tudor monarchs. He was the son of Sir John Salusbury and Katheryn of Berain, and the younger brother of Thomas Salusbury, who was executed in 1586 for his involvement in the Babington Plot against Elizabeth I.

Hester Lynch Thrale

Hester Lynch Thrale (born Hester Lynch Salusbury and after her second marriage, Hester Lynch Piozzi ) (27 January 1741 [NS] – 2 May 1821) was a British diarist, author, and patron of the arts. Her diaries and correspondence are an important source of information about Samuel Johnson and eighteenth-century life.

John Salisbury

John Salusbury of Bachegraig, Denbigh
*Son of John Salusbury of Bachecraig (d. 1685) and Elizabeth Ravenscroft, daughter of Thomas Ravenscroft (d. 1630) of Bretton, nr. Chester, and Catherine Grosvenor, daughter of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton (d. 1542), ancestor of the Dukes of Westminster, and Catherine Cotton. See Burke's Peerage under 'Westminster, Duke of' and 'The Family of Ravenscroft', by W. Ravenscroft and Rev. R. Bathurst Ravenscroft (pub. 1915, London). The family of Egerton of Tatton Park (Earls of Bridgewater) also descended from the Ravenscrofts of Bretton.

Sir Robert Salusbury

Sir Robert Salusbury d. in 1599 , and on the death in 1608 of his son, JOHN SALUSBURY , without children, captain John Salusbury , the young man's uncle, inherited the estates. He, however, d. without issue three years later, in 1611 , to be succeeded by another brother, WILLIAM SALUSBURY (known in later years as ‘ Hen Hosanau Gleision ,’ i.e. ‘Old Blue Stockings’). Sir Robert and the captain had spent extravagantly during their thirty-year tenure of the estates, and William found them heavily mortgaged.

William Salisbury

The family arrived in the New World from Wales in about 1648. William Salisbury worked in Dorchester Massachusetts as “herdsman of the town cattle”. Because Welsh was his principal language he had to learn to communicate better in English, which he considered his second language.

James Henry Salisbury

As a young M.D. of only 26 years, he announced to the world what we now accept as "germ theory." He was fiercely criticized in Europe and America and it would be almost two decades before Pasteur, Huxley, and Tyndall finally recognized his theories and continued this important study.

Nathan Salisbury

He died during the Spring (1817) after the year (1816) without summer. Thousands passed after starvation (no crops) and lack of enough firewood to stay warm in the 25 degree below zero temperatures.

Stephen Salisbury

Joseph M. Salisbury

The first school house in Byron, Indiana was built by subscription. It was erected in 1841, and the first school was taught by Joseph M. Salisbury.

Earl J. Salisbury

My grandfather, Earl J., was the manager of the Chicago Theatre at the time the Marx Brothers were popular and on tour. The last sentence in my grandfather's obituary (Earl J Salisbury) states he was a member of Cope Harvey's Ochestra.

Roger Salisbury

At the time they met my mother (Eugenia) called Jean was living with her Dad, William Brannock in his home in Hammond, IN. My dad Roger Riley Salisbury (born as Roger Wilson Salisbury) was living with is Uncle Edward Salisbury in Valparaiso Indiana.

Barbara Salisbury in the 1930s

Born in Valparaiso on May 2, 1917, she was the daughter of the late Earl J. and Cora B. (Wilson) Salisbury. After her family moved to Chicago in 1921 her father and mothers’ two brothers played in Vern Bucks’ band and played at the Chicago Theater and other B & K Theaters during the big band era. Around 1890 her father's family plus 8 children traveled all over the country known as “The Salisbury Family”. She died at the age of 92 on June 15, 2009. The Salisbury Family Orchestra played at the Chicago Opera House in Ohio. The family is played on March 2, 1908.

Earl Salisbury Spending Christmas at Ft. Hood

I spent Christmas at Fort Hood Texas in 1963. I was drafted into the Army and took Basic Training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky in July 1963.

Correcting Family History

The haunting question was the "frigate and cannons" mentioned by Nathan's wife. One evening while doing some of the continuous research to find an answer Earl was doing a Google search on eighteen pound cannons and found the story of the attack on the Frigate Diamond on January 2, 1777. All of a sudden it all made sense.

Joseph Stone

Joseph Stone (664) was the youngest son of John Stone (4), and was
born, and lived, and died, and was buried, on the farm which his father
bought of John King, in Mashantatack, in 1712.

The Purpose of Big Families

Without a good size family like Nathan and Abigial Salisbury had, it meant hiring labor. This often led to major problems.

Mom became the manager of lady/girl jobs and the boys did the man jobs managed by dad.

A warmer home was also a benefit from a large family. One person can produce roughly 850 BTU. The Salisbury home required less fire wood with ten children.

A Letter Connecting the Stone and Brown Families

My Grandmother, on my father’s side, was 25 years of age at the date of this occurrence. She lived in Providence and remembered distinctly the transaction in all its details. She related this affair to me frequently when I was just a boy. She was a woman of remarkable intelligence and memory.

Earl Is Related to Kate Middleton

I just received verification from a Welsh researcher that Kate Middleton is my cousin. 
She is a distant relative, but still a cousin.