Sir Thomas Salusbury

SALUSBURY , Sir THOMAS ( 1612 - 1643 ), poet and country gentleman ; b. 6 March 1612 , eldest son of Sir Henry Salusbury of Lleweni, the 1st baronet (q.v.) , and Hester , daughter of Sir Thomas Myddelton. He went to Jesus College , Oxford, but did not graduate. He joined the Inner Temple, Nov. 1631, with the intention of studying law but, when his father d. at the end of July 1632, he returned to Lleweni to look after the estate. He was elected a burgess of Denbigh town, 10 Sept. 1632, and an alderman, 1634-8 and 1639, and he was also Member of Parliament for the county from 1640 until his death. He fought in the Civil War as a staunch supporter of the king and is believed to have been engaged in the battle of Edgehill, 23 Oct. 1642; a few days later he was given the degree of D.C.L. by Oxford University. He d. in July 1643. He is referred to by Anthony Wood as a most noted poet of his time, but the only work of his which still survives is The History of Joseph, a poem ( London, 1636 ).

(The different spellings of Salisbury often occurred as families tried to separate from each other.

A change in the spelling of names also happened during the Civil War.
About 80% of the people were illiterate during that period, so as recruits joined
the army their names were spelled phonetcially. It is not uncommon to spell Salisbury with i, u or e.
Family disputes could result in name changes.)