James Henry Salisbury

From: Paul D Salisbury

The following story is from Earl Salisbury, noted Salisbury researcher....

In 1892 James Henry Salisbury is sitting enjoying the warmth of his fireplace thinking about his life's accomplishments. This would be his last year to be in his sixties. His once flowing beard was now more than just a little gray, but other than that, he carried his years well, in fact one might say that he was very healthy. After all his loving wife Clara took great pains to make sure that she prepared only the healthest of diets for the good doctor. Years of concentration with a microscope, and limited lighting had dimmed his once clear vision but his memory was crystal clear, especially events of long ago.

As a young M.D. of only 26 years, he announced to the world what we now accept as "germ theory." He was fiercely criticized in Europe and America and it would be almost two decades before Pasteur, Huxley, and Tyndall finally recognized his theories and continued this important study.

While in his mid thirties he became convinced of the relationship of so called "incurable diseases" and diet. Convinced that he could develop a healthy diet, he began limiting his own diet and eventually hired five people, paying them to follow his prescribed diet. Eventually he expanded his experiments and used over 2000 swine as a test group. These experiments resulted in the crowning labor of his life, "Relation of Alimentalism to Disease", which contained the results of forty years of investigation, practice, theory, cause, treatment and cure of nearly every chronic disease. This was one of over fifty publications.

But now James Henry S. had reached what many considered the twilight years. He was 69 years old. It had been ten years since he basked in the warmth of any major recognition, (a manuscript on "Diptheria and Scarlet Fever" won him the McNaughton prize). For the next thirteen years of his life he would get great satisfaction reading the many testimonial letters from doctors and patients cured from the "incurable" by simply following what we would call today a health food diet.

But how is it you have never heard of James Henry S., this discoverer of germ theory? Maybe you have. You see part of his health food diet included a special receipe of carefully selected lean beef, ground and pressed into flat round cakes and well cooked.

Still don't know?

His name is on dinner menus across the country and possibly on a box in you freezer. Salisbury Steak named after physician, James Henry Salisbury.