Salisbury Family Arrives to America

The earliest appearance of the Salisbury family in this country was about A.D.. 1644. At this time , for political reasons and to avoid the confiscation of property, etc., during the contest between the Parliament and the unfortunate Charles I, John Salisbury and Edward Salisbury, his brother, sons of Henry Salisbury, Esq., and the younger brothers of Sir Thomas Salisbury, quietly got themselves away from Denbigh and emigrated to this country. The former settled at Swansea, Massachusetts, and the latter near Mount Hope, in Bristol, Rhode Island. Thomas Salisbury of Llanhurst, Denbigh county, either came with them or followed soon after, and settled in Cranston. From family records and traditions, Thomas was supposed to be a brother of John and Edward, but it appears from English records that he was probably not a brother but a cousin. John and Edward derived from Henry Salisbury, second cousin of John Salisbury, who became heir of Lleweni by reason of the death of his elder brother, Thomas, who suffered death Sept. 20th, 1586, for endeavoring to deliver Mary, Queen of Scots, from imprisonment.