Joseph Stone

Note 207.

Joseph Stone (664) was the youngest son of John Stone (4), and was
born, and lived, and died, and was buried, on the farm which his father
bought of John King, in Mashantatack, in 1712. He was married to Anna
Kent, a few years before the death of his father, and moved her home ; the
father then living at the " Lawrence Farm," where Hugh Stone (I) passed
the closing years of his life. In 1779, the farm on which is the " Old Stone
Burying Ground," passed into the hands, was bought by Dr. Aldrich.
After this, Joseph (664^, and probably those of his brothers and sisters still
living near, commenced a new cemetery, on his own land. Northwest of the
house, where he and his immediate relations, and those of his son-in-law, the
Salisburys and Martins, were buried. The Peter Branch still continuing to
use the " Old Stone Burying Ground." The commencement of one ceme-
tery, about 1724 ; the other, 1790. Joseph Stone ('664J was a man much
respected for virtue and piety ; was Deacon, for many years, of the Baptist
Church, worshipping in the " Old Meeting House," located but a few rods
west of his dwelling, and was known, in and out of Cucumber Town, as
" Deacon Joe." He died aged nearly eighty.

Abigail Stone fl689J was only child of Deacon Joe, and was somewhat
lame through life. She married Nathan Salisbury, by whom she had ten
children, born between the years 17 71 and 1796. Statistics, page 80.